Wedding Ceremonies

Your Wedding is about you and it would be a real privilege to help you ensure that your wedding ceremony meets your every expectation.  


As a professional marriage celebrant I ensure that each ceremony is personalised to suit the couple involved. I work closely with the couple, including them in every aspect of the ceremony in a professional but friendly relationship. On the big day my aim is to create an atmosphere of intimacy and friendliness.


I arrive and set-up early. I chat to the groom and his attendants before interacting positively with guests. I greet the bridal party and help calm any nerves. This ensures everyone is feeling relaxed and looking forward to a memorable occasion. Some couples dream of a traditional wedding with the ceremony being conducted at a special venue of the couple's choosing.


Some couples love the idea of a 'surprise' wedding or even an elopement. The adventurous bride and groom may wish to marry in a remote location, out on the water or just before they leap out of a plane on a tandem skydive. Some adventurous couples may prefer to exchange their vows in a hot air balloon as it glides serenely over the countryside. You are only limted by your imaginate and courage.


Budget and Garden weddings held between Monday and Thursday or during the winter months are becoming more popular. Whatever your dream, as your celebrant, I am committed to helping you bring it to fruition.  


Regardless of where you live, even overseas, if you are planning a ceremony in Newcastle, Port Stephens or the Hunter Valley region I can assist you plan a fantastic wedding ceremony full of special memories that will last an eternity.

Suprise Weddings

Surprise weddings are fun! They usually involve the couple organising their guests to come to a specific venue for another type of significant celebration such as a birthday, New Years, house warming, engagement or other important event. The reason why your guests are invited can be as unique as you are. Upon arrival, imagine their surprise when the celebrant announces they are there to witness your marriage.


It is important to realise that both the bride and groom must have organised the marriage before hand and that all legal documents have been completed and the celebrant has sighted all the necessary forms prior to the ceremony.


If you like the idea of a Surprise Wedding, contact me and we can organise it all on the quiet!