Reaffirmation Ceremonies are growing in popularity and can be a meaningful, touching and emotionally charged occasion. They are not just limited to couples who are legally married but to any couple who have made a public declaration of their love in a commitment ceremony. Couples often elect to have a Reaffirmation Ceremony after significant time lapses such as after five, ten, twenty-five years or more of being together.


Reaffirmation Ceremonies provide couples with a formal and romantic occasion to reflect on their marriage and future. This ceremony is an opportunity to reassess a couple’s relationship and thereby further strengthen it. The emphasis is on a couple’s relationship and commitment, on all the unique and personal things that have made the union endure. A Reaffirmation Ceremony is a warm and wonderful way of thanking your family and your friends for the love and the support they've shown you and your relationship over the years.


A Reaffirmation Ceremony can be as unique as you are. You might like to reaffirm the vows you actually made on your wedding day, or you may like to write new vows which reflect the maturity of your relationship, and perhaps refer to the joys and tribulations you have shared. And you can incorporate readings and symbolic rituals, such as the lighting of candles, the pouring of sand or any other symbolic ritual. You might like to include your children with family vows. Or, you can do something different, have the ceremony you would have liked to have had the first time round, but for various reasons, did not.


In preparing for your Reaffirmation Ceremony I will spend time getting to know you to ensure we create a ceremony which perfectly reflects your needs, your beliefs, your values and the specialness that is your marriage. As with all my ceremonies, I will ensure that the ceremony is inclusive and that the ceremony includes all significant family members and friends.You will be provided with a beautifully presented souvenir copy of the ceremony, and an attractive reaffirmation of vows certificate.

If you are planning a Reaffirmation ceremony contact me to discuss ideas and outline the fee structure.