Marrying Couples from Overseas

With today’s modern technology, organising couples who live overseas to marry in Australia is relatively easy. Communication can be carried out via phone/skype and email.  The legalities are the same as they would be for a couple

living in Australia.


A ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ (Form 13) must be completed no later than one month prior to the wedding. This can be

completed up to 18 months prior.


I must sight all original copies of relevant documents of identification. A ‘Declaration of

Marriage’ form must be signed prior to the marriage by both partners. This form states

that there is no legal reason as to why they cannot be married. This can be done any

time prior to the marriage-including on the day of the marriage.


The front of the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form must be completed carefully then

taken to an appropriate officer to witness your signatures. An appropriate officer who

can sign this form outside of Australia is one of the following:


  • An Australian Diplomatic Officer

  • An Australian Consular Officer

  • A Notary Public - A person in any country publicly authorised to attest contracts and

       perform other formalities. Someone authorised to witness legal documents.

  • An employee of the Commonwealth authorised under para 3(c) of the Consular Fees Act 1955

  • An Employee of the Australian Trade Commission authorised under para 3 (d) of the Consular Fees Act 1955


The easiest of all of these is usually the Notary Public. Once this has been done the form should be forwarded to me via email first then by registered mail.


Upon arrival in Australia, I will need to view your original copies of relevant documents. The documents include:


  • If Australian, original or verified copy of the full Birth Certificate for the bride and groom.

  • Birth certificate and passport if you are a citizen of a country other than Australia.

  • A Statutory Declaration if you were born overseas and have no record of your

  • Evidence of your divorce if you were married previously (a Decree Absolute).

  • If your previous spouse has passed away, you will need to provide the Death Certificate.

  • If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to provide your parents consent and an order from a Magistrate

  • Some form of photo identification such as a driver’s licence is also required


You can contact me to discuss my services and how I can assist in your wedding ceremony when distance nationally or internationally is a factor.