Other Ceremonies

Weddings are not the only time we should celebrate. Life is full of celebrations and for this reason I also conduct ceremonies for Baby Namings, Funerals, Commitment and Reaffirmation Celebrations.


Reaffirmation Ceremonies are growing in popularity and can be a meaningful, touching and emotionally charged occasion. Although they are commonly known as a rewnewal of a couples vows they are not just limited to couples who are legally married but to any couple who have made a public declaration of their love in a commitment ceremony. The emphasis is on a couple’s relationship and commitment, on all the unique and personal things that have made their union endure.


Commitment Ceremonies. It is said that love makes the world go round and publically acknowledging one’s love and commitment to another is one of life’s most cherished moments. While Commitment Ceremonies are currently not legally recognised by law in Australia they can still be as memorable and emotionally fulfilling as any legal wedding ceremony and may involve all the trappings of ‘legal’ weddings, including the exchanging of personal vows and rings.


Funerals can be a valuable source of healing. Though nothing can take away the grief, a sincere, well prepared tribute may ease the pain. My role as your Funeral Celebrant is to create a ceremony that reflects your wishes and beliefs of that of your loved one. You have complete choice of and final approval over the ceremony with nothing imposed on you.


A Master of Ceremonies, is an important person at your event who ensures momentum is never lost, keeps your guests informed and event on time. Leaving you to just sit back, socialise, laugh and enjoy your moment.


I encourage you to contact me to discuss your ceremony requirements.

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