Commitment Ceremonies

It is said that love makes the world go round and publically acknowledging one’s love and commitment to another is one of life’s most cherished moments. However, not all couples wish to or are legally able to take the formal vows of marriage but that doesn’t mean that they have to forfeit the right to hold a Commitment Ceremony to publically declare their love and devotion to the ‘love of their life’. 


While Commitment Ceremonies are currently not legally recognised by law in Australia they can still be as memorable and emotionally fulfilling as any legal wedding ceremony and may involve all the trappings of ‘legal’ weddings, including the exchanging of personal vows and rings.


As your celebrant I am dedicated to ensure that your Commitment Ceremony is personalised to suit your specific needs and desires. My aim is to create an atmosphere of intimacy by ensuring your ceremony reflects my personal knowledge of you and to ensure that all associated with the ceremony are relaxed. I achieve this by interacting positively with my clients, listening carefully to what they wish to achieve, drafting and redrafting the ceremony until my clients are totally happy with what is planned and also interacting with the guests in a pleasant and happy manner.


Commitment Ceremonies can be performed at any location and the ceremony itself can be based on a ‘traditional’ wedding ceremony or be as expansive and as creative as you.


All couples who engage my services receive a Commitment Ceremony manual that includes suggestions for all aspects of your ceremony. On the big day, you receive a Commitment Certificate.


So if you are planning a Commitment Ceremony in Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie or the Hunter Valley it would be a delight to help you create the ceremony of your dreams. At our meeting we can share ideas and discuss the fee structure. 


I encourage you to contact me to discuss your specific ceremony requirements.