Ceremonies Ideas

Your imagination, is the only limit on your wedding ceremony. This is the special moment you will celebrate the beggining of your new life together.


Did you know there is only one legal requirement at a ceremony? So long as this is complete your moment can be as long or short, emotional and funny, traditional or conventional as you wish.


To get you started here are some ceremony ideas and if you need a little more help then you can contact me for a no obligation discussion. Don't worry if you can't think of anything. As your marriage celebrant I am here to provide you as much or little guidance and popular or fresh ideas as needed.

Traditional Weddings

As the name suggests, traditional ceremonies and weddings caters for the couple who wish to have a wedding that follows the more standard or traditional procedure regardless of location or size. However all traditional ceremonies are never 'standard' as it is tailored to your individual wish list.

Suprise Ceremonies

Surprise weddings are fun! They usually involve the couple organising their guests to come to a specific venue for another type of significant celebration such as a birthday, New Years, house warming, engagement or other important event. The reason why your guests are invited can be as unique as you are. Upon arrival, imagine their surprise when the celebrant announces they are there to witness your marriage.


It is important to realise that both the bride and groom must have organised the marriage before hand and that all legal documents have been completed and the celebrant has sighted all the necessary forms prior to the ceremony.


This style of wedding is for the couple who love the idea of quietly slipping away for a few days and then announcing to their family and friends upon return that they are now husband and wife. Elopements can be performed anywhere the couple desire.


So if going to Gretna Green in Scotland, the world’s most famous elopement destination, is just a little too far; and though idyllic Tahiti does sound nice but you need to consider costs; and the magical Seychelles Island resorts are completely booked out, why not consider eloping locally.  There are many romantic places scattered between the glistening waters, white sands, blue skies and swaying gum trees of the Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie.  

I can tailor a special elopement package for you and even provide witnesses if required.


The legal requirements and the documents I must witness are still the same but the ceremony involves just the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses over 18 years of age. 

Budget Sensitive Ceremonies

Most weddings occur on the weekend or during spring, summer and early autumn.  That means couples pay premium price for all services associated with the wedding.

Businesses often offer a reduced rate for providing their services between Monday and Thursday or during the winter months. I know I do.

Adventure Ceremonies

The sky’s the limit when it comes to where you can exchange your vows.  Many couples marry on the beach, beside waterfalls, amongst tree ferns and towering gums, or in parks and gardens. All are beautiful locations for a wedding.  BUT you do not have to stay on terra firma to exchange your wedding vows.


The adventurous couple may wish to marry in a hot air balloon, in a helicopter or plane. Marrying on a boat out on the beautiful blue waters is another possibility. The really adventurous couple may decide to tie the knot just before taking the plunge before tandem skydiving as husband and wife.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the above ceremonies, or for other ideas or to discuss your specific idea. Wedding Ceremonies can be as simple,elegant, extravegant, fun, different or as traditional as you wish.