Fees & Services

Engaging my services to officiate at your marriage or any other ceremony, allows for a wide variety of options in how the ceremony is structured, where and when it will take place and who will be involved. It will also ensure that it will run smoothly. Perhaps that is why over 60% of couples elect to be married by a celebrant.


As your celebrant you can be assured that your ceremony will be just the way you imagined it. I happily provide guidance when compiling your vows and assist with the format of your ceremony whilst always remembering that the final decision is yours because it is your day.


I offer a free ‘Meet and Greet’ session to give you the opportunity to see if I meet your expectations. During this meeting I will:

  • Discuss ideas for your ceremony

  • Outline all legal requirements

  • Explain my role as a registered celebrant

  • Offer suggestions to assist with planning

  • Discuss how others can be involved

  • Exchange personal information that allows us to get a ‘feel’ for each other.


I also show you my wedding booklet containing sample vows, vow templates, readings, poems, useful websites, an explanation of copyright laws, information regarding name change and relationship education contact information. This handy booklet also explores ideas for including other significant rituals such as a sand/ribbon/wine/rose etc.


If you would like to engage my services as your Civil Celebrant after our ‘Meet and Greet’ session I will make a temporary booking for the date of your wedding or other ceremony. Once your booking fee is received, your Ceremony is secured and you will receive the your handy booklet or other appropriate ceremony booklet.


Please contact me so we can discuss your requirements. From here I can email you my most popular packages, their inclusions and associated fees.

Weddings, a little more information ...

During our first ‘official’ meeting I will need to sight original or verified copies of all necessary

documents before we complete all legal forms such as The Notice of Intended Marriage For

 (Notice of Intended Marriage form can be downloaded here) and Declaration Form. We also

complete a Client Information Form and start planning your ceremony. Don’t be worried

about doing something different or including a variety of significant people in the ceremony.


It is vital that your ceremony meets your expectations. I am available, via email or phone to

assist you refine your ceremony and offer guidance regarding your vows and the format of

your ceremony. The final ceremony is usually completed two weeks prior to the wedding.  


Number of People Involved

By law the bride and groom must have two witnesses over 18 years of age to witness

the ceremony and vows. The witnesses do not need to be known by the couple. Once

that requirement is met, you may have as many people involved in the ceremony as

you desire. Always remember, that the ceremony is about you and your circumstances and you can involve as many people as you wish. Some couples choose to involve children, friends or family members. Many like to include a sub ceremony such as a sand, ribbon, candle, hand, wine or a personally designed symbolic ceremony. Other couples like to include some cultural aspects that are relevant.



It is very important to bring all necessary documents to the meeting so we can complete all legal requirements. 


Wedding Certificates

A standard legal wedding certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages costs $48. This is not included in my fees. Couples need to complete an application form and send it to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  However as my service to you I can supply the form and send it with your legal documents after your ceremony. This is the most efficient method as it saves you from having to send in proof of identity documents.